Our Specialists

What do you get when you fuse psychology, design, specialist industry know-how and hands-on experience?

You get the Opposite Team

Dr Nicholas Duck
Head of Opposite

Doctor of Organisational Psychology
Nick launched Opposite in 2015 and has quickly grown his team of go-to specialists who deliver dozens of creative projects every year. Nick’s specialties include design thinking, innovation, and simplification of workplaces.

Film buff

Personal Strengths – Creativity – Leadership – Humour
Technical Strengths – Process deconstruction – Workplace design – Organisational diagnosis
Interests – Movies and television shows – Pop culture – Long-distance running – Seinfeld
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Christine Antoniou
Business Manager

Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations)
Christine started her career specialising in public relations and journalism. She led three publications as editor of Leader Newspapers. Since then, Christine has shifted to running the day-to-day operations and marketing of Opposite.

Has the travel bug

Personal Strengths – Teamwork – Persistence – Judgement
Technical Strengths – Writing – Editing – Event planning
Interests – A good book – Home renovations – Interior design – Travel

Conor O’Brien
Head of Major Projects

Master of Organisational Psychology
Since joining Opposite in 2016, Conor has successfully delivered specialist Human Factors services for almost every major Victorian rail project. He is also a highly skilled facilitator and coach, and has a strong delivery background in providing fatigue and resiliency services to businesses.

Social butterfly

Personal Strengths – Teamwork – Leadership – Bravery
Technical Strengths – Human Factors analysis – Personality assessments – Psychometrics
Interests – The Arts – History – Wine & a good steak

Marty Lynch
Head of Operational Design & Delivery

Master of Organisational Psychology
Marty was the first to join Opposite and has therefore worked across a diverse portfolio of specialist work, including control room and station design, well-being services, and systems assurance. Marty has a knack for applying deep understanding and appreciation of the most complex human problems.

Master of Puns

Personal Strengths – Humour – Perspective – Curiosity
Technical Strengths – Excel guru – Statistical analysis – Observational studies
Interests – Richmond Tigers – Classic comedies – Entrepreneurial endeavours

Patrick McGrath
Head of Business Excellence

Master of Organisational Psychology
Patrick approaches every project as an opportunity to learn and apply good research. He always brings a sense of calm, fun and deep insight into the human aspect of work. Patrick has been instrumental in developing Opposite’s user-experience services, and extending the team into new industries.

The team player

Personal Strengths– Teamwork – Perspective – Humour
Technical Strengths – Translating research into usable initiatives and insights – Experience design – Visual design
Interests – Video games – Fitness

Ashleigh Fleming
Head of Experience Design & Delivery

Master of Organisational Psychology
Ash has a unique and creative knack in designing employee experiences for organisational outcomes. She is passionate about user centred approaches and applying game based principles. Close to her heart is a care for employee wellbeing and development. Proactive and a team player, she strives to exceed client expectations.

Sun Seeker

Personal Strengths – Creativity – Honesty – Perspective
Technical Strengths – Learning & development programs – Wellbeing initiatives – PowerPoint, Excel
Interests – Mexican food – Beach lover – Dog handling

Sherrica Senewiratne
Human Centred Design Specialist

Master of Organisational Psychology
Sherrica joined Opposite in 2019. She has worked across a range of industries including media, retail, hospitality, admin, consulting and academia, so she draws on her experiences to assist in providing useful solutions to clients. She loves variety and a good challenge. Sherrica will go above and beyond to ensure she can add value!


Personal Strengths – Works at a fast pace – Resilient- Avid multitasker – Attention to detail
Technical Strengths – Leadership development – Stakeholder management – Photoshop, Microsoft Office suite – Facilitation – Problem solving
Interests – Travelling/going on adventures – Fitness – All things Queen (+Adam Lambert) – Musicals – Gin

Duygu Serbetci
Assistant Consultant

Masters by Research (Psychology) – completing
Duygu is currently completing her Masters by Research in Psychology.
She enjoys drawing on the world of research to support the design of better workplaces. She has developed a range of skills in complexity approach and simplification of workplaces. Duygu is a team player and always enthusiastic about discussing new ideas.

Awe seeker

Personal Strengths – Teamwork – Love of life – Optimism – Perseverance
Technical Strengths – Translating research into wellbeing initiatives – Statistical analysis
Interests – Argentinian tango – Rainforest walk – Travelling

Rahnuma Tasneem
Experience & Multimedia Specialist

Master of Design
Rahnuma has a wide range of expertise in Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Photography. She brings her creativity and love to every project she undertakes. She likes to keep her design solutions functional and viable while maintaining visual aesthetics. An enthusiastic, goal-oriented team player who strives for excellence.

Plant mama

Personal Strengths – Optimism – Perseverance – Fast learning – Creativity
Technical Strengths – Functionality & aesthetics – Attention to detail – Layouts & composition – Adobe CC
Interests – Travelling – Sustainable living – Content style – Good cinematography

Damien Colabattista
Human Factors Specialist

Master of Organisational Psychology
Passionate about the intersection between business and how humans interact with systems. He has wide-ranging experience with the design and delivery of workshops and training programs, including coaching and assisting leaders with performance, culture and climate and with the management of a mentally healthy workplace.


Personal Strengths– Humour – Persistence – Leadership
Technical Strengths – Leadership development and training – Workshop facilitation – Culture diagnosis and assessment
Interests – Travelling – Classic rock – Anything to do with Collingwood Magpies

Dr Ramsay Dixon
Wellness Specialist

Doctor of Clinical & Forensic Psychology
Ramsay has a wide range of experience in research, individual coaching, program development and facilitation. He enjoys applying his clinical knowledge and experience as a consultant to workplace well-being initiatives with curiosity, honesty, integrity and humour.

All Rounder

Personal Strengths – Teamwork – Humour- Creativity
Technical Strengths – Program development/design – Relationship building – Counselling skills – Facilitation
Interests – Guitar playing – Video games – Musical theatre – True crime books and documentaries

Mark Andrew
Human Centred Design Specialist

Chartered Ergonomist & Human Factors Specialist
Mark is a HF Specialist with a risk and design background based on experience with De Beers, IBM, Transport Research Lab and Mars Inc. He mostly acts as a facilitator and design process coach, using agile and risk-based techniques to add value to team group work.

Head in a Book

Personal Strengths – Teamwork – Technical analysis – Fail fast
Technical Strengths – Facilitation – Design thinking
Interests – Theatre – Play writing – Avoiding gardening

Tim Chibs
Human Factors Specialist

Master of Human Factors
Tim has over 25 years experience in the Aviation, Air Traffic Control, Emergency Management Services, and Rail industries. An experienced engineer, he has specialised in infrastructure design, system and interface design, and human error management in safety critical environments.

The Pilot

Personal Strengths – Hope – Humour – Kindness
Technical Strengths – Risk assessment – Technical analysis – Human error analysis/br> Interests – Helicopter piloting – Good food & company – Physical design & ergonomics