Design & Innovation

All our projects start and end with design in mind. Our method involves developing new tools and approaches that meet user needs as well as excite/engage them with our novel and simple approaches.

We also optimise the design processes of workplaces. Applying Human Factors and systems thinking, we assess engineering designs, teams, workplace systems, and processes.

Design & Innovation Success Stories

Opposite Concepts

Opposite Concepts is our prototyping service that we use as a first step in our innovation process. Prototyping is useful for helping a customer visualise their thinking and explore possible solutions.

It helps remove the initial planning steps that often hinder projects. People innovate through experimentation and making mistakes. Opposite Concepts is a low risk method to explore what might work and what does not.

Opposite apply a similar approach to all projects but can be invited to help develop creative ideas where a project or organisation has exhausted their existing approaches.

Some of our clients who have used this service include: nbn co., VicRoads, and Australian Super.


Creative Options

Ideas Generation

Low Cost Testing

Increased Insights

Ignite Capability Program

What do you get when you use applied psychological research, gamification, and a truly successful co-design partnership with a customer? The IGNITE program!

Opposite were selected to partner with the Level Crossing Removal Program in developing a 6-month employee capability uplift program that involved a series of learning labs and coaching sessions–all customised with clever interactive activities including:

  • An electronic choose your own adventure session
  • 1:1 challenges with professional actors
  • A systems mapping experience to help upskill problem solving
  • A series of workplace ‘micro’ challenges aligned with capabilities to drive performance

Pre and post assessments demonstrated that capability improved across participants over time. Results were statistically significant.


Employee Experience

Increased Capability

Increased Confidence

Increased Engagement

User-centred Intranet Design & Development

The best intranets are those that work well for their users. Applying a user-centred design approach, we undertook research to understand the business’ environment and priorities, how users worked, and their needs and challenges in getting work done.

Using this information, we helped the client design and create an intranet that was easily navigable, usable, practical and focused on both helping users get work done and the business implement its objectives.







Staff Engagement