get obsessed! get obsessed!

Published on Oct 21, 2014

by Dr. Duck

People who are passionate about a achieving a goal—to the point of obsession—can help increase performance after experiencing failure. These individuals, according to research, invest so much of themselves in the activity that they become especially motivated to succeed after experiencing setbacks.

In the workplace, there are benefits of having passionate individuals pursue goals that require dedication and persistence. However, the downside is that these same people may find it hard to let go of an idea or goal and could aggravate others who don’t share the same vision.

by Dr. Duck

My name is Nicholas Duck. I am a Doctor of Psychology with an interest in psychology in the workplace, film and television, the media, and the fields of emotion, unconscious, and motivation psychology. You can contact me at

I am founder and principal consultant at Opposite, a consultancy that takes these applied psychological findings and helps workplaces improve.

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